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Strange Telephone is a 2D adventure game in which the player explores strange worlds created with merely 6 digits, and has multiple endings.

The protagonist Jill is trapped in a dark world with a large door floating before her. She is aided by Graham, who takes on the form of a telephone. Making phone calls with Graham creates various worlds that can be explored. In each of these worlds are items to be found, including the key that will lead to her escape.

本作は日本の個人デベロッパーHZ3 Softwareが開発した、6桁の電話番号によって自動生成される奇妙なドット世界を旅するマルチエンディングの2Dアドベンチャーです。


Developer's Voice

This is a 2D adventure game in which the main characters - Jill and Graham - must escape from the world in which they've been trapped. I feel that it turned out to be a very unique and original game, featuring all the trappings of a classic indie title: the pixel art graphics, animation, music, and more.This is sort of a "behind the scenes" anecdote, but the game was designed and built upon the foundation of a "hidden story" which isn't directly explained. All of the eleven various ending movies, characters, object designs, etc. were meticulously put together in such a way as to contain parts of the "riddles" used in unravelling this hidden story. I feel that if you can manage to read between the lines and figure some of this stuff out, then the world of Strange Telephone can be enjoyed on an even deeper level, so as the developer I really hope that players keep their eyes and ears open as the play through the game and see what they can find.


このゲームはメインキャラクターであるジルとグラハムが、閉じ込められた世界から脱出する2Dアドベンチャーゲームです。ドット絵、アニメーション、音楽などなど、個人開発ならではの細部にこだわり抜いた独特な世界観に仕上がったかと思います。 …裏話のようなものですが、実は直接的に明かすことのない”隠されたストーリー”を元にこのゲームをデザイン・構築しました。全11種あるエンディングムービーやキャラクター、オブジェクトのデザインなどなど、随所にその隠されたストーリーを解き明かす謎が仕込んであります。是非それらを読み解いていただけたら、よりストレンジテレフォンの世界を楽しんでいただけるかと思いますので色々考察していただけたら開発者として嬉しい限りです。

StrangeTelephone for Nintendo Switch!(11/7/2019)

NOJ https://ec.nintendo.com/JP/ja/titles/70010000024797

NOA https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/strange-telephone-switch/

NOE https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Strange-Telephone-1671809.html

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Why is there no option to buy the game here? Or a Demo ?

It seems like this game is destined to go under the radar despite being so original and entertaining. Buy it.